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Mike Sharples - Hero Innovator (Articles/Latest)
...ractically of his own. Where some have been satisfied with the vision thing he has also, for the past 30 years, been at the "doing" things, proving that ideas are one thing, execution is another.Mike …
11 July, 2008
The New Apple Core (Articles/Latest)
...Here's why: the terms TV and PC will sound as outdated as "8 Track" tape decks within 2-3 years. Everything will be capable of delivery over Internet Protocol (IP). Live sports to big s …
11 July, 2008
Partners in Learning - Lewisham (Articles/Latest)
...national strategy where 160 pupils from 10 schools in the authority have been tracked through the past 3 years in secondary education leading to their GCSE's. In most schools pupils are attaining abov …
28 May, 2008
Derek Robertson - Hero Innovator (Articles/Latest)
...o primary schools and a teachers training session. Having followed Derek's work and ideas for the past 2 years I had expected to be impressed but what I experienced, and hope I've gone some way to cap …
23 March, 2008
It's the Learning, Stupid! (Articles/Latest)
...ppoint them. There’s so much more affordable technology around now than there was when we started over 4 years ago and called ourselves “Handheld Learning” when the choice was between a PDA and an exp …
01 March, 2008
Identity, Ownership and Mobility (Articles/Latest)
A few years back disgruntled by some dental work that left me with the prospect of looking like the dashing yet rough-edged, Mark E Smith, I suggested to my dentist that I would change practitioner. …
21 January, 2008
Back and Forward (Articles/Latest)
...s costs fall and true mobile Internet with understandable pricing plans arrive.Interestingly put at this years Handheld Learning Conference by Tim Pearson, CEO of RM Plc, was a category sector between …
21 December, 2007
Handheld Learning meets mLearn 2008 (Articles/Latest)
...ncing the audience that this pedagogical development could be described as “Handheld” The intervening years have seen mLearn visit London, Rome, Capetown, Banff and Melbourne as well as the growth …
26 October, 2007
Handheld Learning 2007 - Preview (Articles/Latest)
Naturally, we’re excited by this year’s Handheld Learning Conference. Who wouldn’t be? After 3 years, with the help of its participants and supporters, the event has grown to be the world’s larges …
17 September, 2007
The Steering Committee Speaks (Articles/Latest)
This years Handheld Learning 2007 has been guided by a steering committee that is quite possibly the most vibrant and experienced group to have steered such an event. The result is that the Handheld …
17 September, 2007
From Brick to Slick (Articles/Latest)
Twenty years ago, an historic agreement was signed in Copenhagen by 15 telecommunications operators from 13 countries* that led to the development of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), …
06 September, 2007
Mobile Learning and the demise of the PDA (Articles/Latest)
...op and laptop computers 3:1 and many of these devices are as powerful as the PCs we were using just five years ago. Surely, like the PDA, the days of the desktop and laptop PC are also numbered and pe …
15 August, 2007
Learning in the Air (Articles/Latest)
On New Years’ Day I had the good fortune to travel in a new Boeing 777-300ER commissioned by Singapore Airlines. The 13 hour flight from Singapore to Milan gave me plenty of time to explore the late …
17 March, 2007
Creative Assessment with Handhelds (Articles/Latest)
For the past 3 years I've been working on the e-scape (e-solutions for creative assessment in portfolio environments) project at TERU  (Technology Education Research Unit) Based at Goldsmiths …
17 March, 2007
Handheld Learning 2006 - Review (Articles/Latest)
...e leading by example and extraordinary learning is occurring. Despite being used by many schools for six years or more, handheld computing is far from commonplace in America. Those in the U.K. are arr …
31 October, 2006
Handheld Learning 2006 (Articles/Latest)
...k from delegates was so positive that we felt that we'd already set ourselves a challenge to take this years event a bit further.Moving from Goldsmith College to the Queen Elizabeth II Conference C …
04 October, 2006
Education Beyond the Classroom (Articles/Latest)
Two years ago a colleague and I from Oxford Brookes University wanted to use handheld devices to help novices identify and record wildlife.  We felt the technology would appeal to the younger gen …
23 June, 2006
Ubiquitous Computing: More than Handhelds (Articles/Latest)
...eresting observations about the new technologies and related changes that have been made in the past few years include:Wireless, portable, mobile, and multiple units connected in what has been dubbed …
28 April, 2006
Origami, An Educators Perspective (Articles/Latest)
...a really nice on-screen keypad which you operate with both hands like those ergonomic keyboards of a few years ago. The device is around 28 x 15 cm’s that is around 11 x 6" in old Money. It …
19 March, 2006
Observing Children’s Mathematical Problem Solving with 21st C Technology (Articles/Latest)
... thinking is inference — the deriving of new information based on old information. The elementary school years are the beginning of the time for the construction of inference abilities. It is our sens …
10 March, 2006
Mobile Technologies vs New Victorian Architecture (Articles/Latest)
...ls for the Future” (BSF) scheme, has pledged circa £40B to renovate and rebuild schools that are over 50 years old. According to the launch document “BSF will drive innovation and transformation in ed …
10 March, 2006
Adding value through podcasting (Articles/Latest)
...tor centred and quite rigid.Some questions for youSo you ask … if podcasting was in my armoury all those years ago how would I have changed things? Well, I’d have introduced a computer lab radio newsl …
03 March, 2006
Dont take the 'P' out of PDAs, a story of cars, houses, breakfast and PDAs (Articles/Latest)
...ng the potential of PDAs in higher education.He has been an enthusiastic PDA user and developer for many years and also authors PDA shareware and bespoke applications for www.ninelocks.com.He works fo …
14 November, 2005
Lightweight gadget with a Heavyweight effect (Articles/Latest)
For years (decades, even) I carried a large ring folder to every class.  It contained class lists, records of what each class and each pupil had done, copies of the workschemes, and pictures of p …
03 May, 2005
BIG CHANGE for $mall ¢hange (Articles/Latest)
... unless the teachers embrace the technology into their classroom. From our experience over the past five years, it is our sense that teachers find sublaptops qualitatively different from their bigger, …
03 May, 2005
Partners in Learning - Lewisham (Menu)
...national strategy where 160 pupils from 10 schools in the authority have been tracked through the past 3 years in secondary education leading to their GCSE's. In most schools pupils are attaining abov …
28 May, 2008
Intel - Learning with Handhelds (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
In the past five years, handheld computers have begun to migrate from the corporate world to the classroom. The same features that have made them popular tools in business have made them indispensable …
17 March, 2006
Astraware (Web Links / Entertainment Software)
We have been creating games for handheld devices for over 6 years, making us one of the oldest handheld software companies in the business. …
13 February, 2006
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