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Home Access - Who Benefits? (Articles/Latest)
...ary sectors.’  Over the past 18 months the project came under the control of Becta and the taskforce worked diligently to define a series of consultation papers, which includes draft statements o …
28 September, 2008
The Steering Committee Speaks (Articles/Latest)
...t than teacher-directed, diverse, and flexible.So there you have it, wise words from wise people who have worked very hard to create a conference programme that challenges, stimulates but most of all …
17 September, 2007
Learning in the Air (Articles/Latest)
...t was difficult to balance the book and the handset, so I appreciated some help from Stephen. I quickly worked out the logic of the system, and after some practice in moving the cursor, I was able …
17 March, 2007
Creative Assessment with Handhelds (Articles/Latest)
...ues to both promote and collect visually rich evidence trails of students’ innovative performance as they worked on practical design tasks. These techniques included:• handling collections(to get pupi …
17 March, 2007
Handheld Learning 2006 - Review (Articles/Latest)
...ernoon tea proved to be times when delegates reflected on what they learned, shared their visions, and networked with one another.The focus of the conference was taking handheld learning from pilot pr …
31 October, 2006
Handheld Learning and Individuated Achievement (Articles/Latest)
...e adapted to the individual needs of the learner as well as being inclusive. When learning is not only networked but individuated, education can be simultaneously collaborative, ability-driven and ent …
04 October, 2006
Ubiquitous Computing: More than Handhelds (Articles/Latest)
...the technology effectively invisible to the user. Ubiquitous technology is often wireless, mobile, and networked, making its users more connected to the world around them and the people in it.When it …
28 April, 2006
Observing Children’s Mathematical Problem Solving with 21st C Technology (Articles/Latest)
...l as possible.” This took from five to fifteen minutes.When they announced that they were ready, children worked together in pairs to find two Emeralds. Records of individual keystrokes were made and …
10 March, 2006
BIG CHANGE for $mall ˘hange (Articles/Latest)
...f money to fill out that infrastructure and provide each and every child with their own, small mobile, networked, computer to use for all learning activities and for their own personal activities as w …
03 May, 2005
Birmingham Grid for Learning (Web Links / Literacy)
The aim of the trial is to investigate the classroom/pedagogical use of wirelessly networked PDAs and the potential impact on standards of literacy and numeracy. …
11 March, 2006
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