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Partners in Learning - Lewisham (Articles/Latest)
...dedicated teacher and learner. Technology was deployed in the form of Samsung Q1 Ultra devices with RedHalo software to explore the potential for using handheld technologies in family learning with a …
28 May, 2008
Derek Robertson - Hero Innovator (Articles/Latest)
...onsolarium is manufacturer independent, receiving no industry sponsorship and purchases all the devices and software used themselves. Derek informs me that he believes this is a critical factor in the …
23 March, 2008
It's the Learning, Stupid! (Articles/Latest)
... to match their learning style. Stifled by prohibition the impact of consumer electronics and entertainment software is only just beginning to be felt in the formal education world. The immersion expe …
01 March, 2008
Back and Forward (Articles/Latest)
...nd there’s certainly nothing wrong with gaining traction by encouraging interoperability. Trust me, if your software strategy isn’t open and architecturally independent moving forward you are going to …
21 December, 2007
Handheld Learning 2007: And the Winner Is … (Articles/Latest)
...bsp; Best New Device I Saw: Samsung’s Q1 (closely followed by Graham’s “mobile” phone from the 1980s ).Best Software I Saw: RedHalo. I think it’s strength is that it’s almost hardware agnostic. I saw …
20 November, 2007
Handheld Learning 2007 - Review (Articles/Latest)
...that allows users to send “updates” via SMS, instant message, email, the Twitter.com site, or Twitter software. Updates can be up to 140 characters long and can be received in the same way …
26 October, 2007
Handheld Learning 2007 - Preview (Articles/Latest)
...roducts and services to the sector are to be found from device manufacturers to infrastructure specialists, software providers, connectivity providers and learning consultancies. If that wasn’t enough …
17 September, 2007
Mobile Learning and the demise of the PDA (Articles/Latest)
...ong with their insurance and warranty can be supplied on standardised plans where the device and supporting software is subsidised through the data plan and purchased by parents. After all, 75% of 11- …
15 August, 2007
Learning in the Air (Articles/Latest)
... airline was offering a selection called ‘learning’. In this section, the Star Office range of open source software was available, suitable for spreadsheets, word processing and presentations. St …
17 March, 2007
Creative Assessment with Handhelds (Articles/Latest)
...ed at most stages of education. A co-founder of TAG Learning, he has designed and published a wide range of software titles and teacher guides, including materials for the BBC, Microsoft, Apple, the V …
17 March, 2007
Handheld Learning 2006 - Review (Articles/Latest)
...using mobile phones and Sony PSPs in classrooms. Many presenters echoed the sentiment that the hardware and software does not matter. When it comes to actually using handhelds in schools, the devices …
31 October, 2006
Handheld Learning 2006 (Articles/Latest)
...eld gaming devices. With powerful processing capability and access to the Internet as well as entertainment software these devices sold more in their first few months of launch than the entire handhel …
04 October, 2006
Education Beyond the Classroom (Articles/Latest)
... traditional dusty field guides.   To our surprise, there was very little out there in the way of software.  In the UK, the most advanced software was developed by Adit Limited (www.adi …
23 June, 2006
Observing Children’s Mathematical Problem Solving with 21st C Technology (Articles/Latest)
... “traditional” PCs.The following discussion of activities designed to provoke inference making is based on software developed for the Palm PDA. Research on children’s strategies for solving the infe …
10 March, 2006
Adding value through podcasting (Articles/Latest)
... through a subscription based model where the student makes a conscious decision to install the appropriate software on their internet connected device, and then subscribe to the podcast feed. Once su …
03 March, 2006
Dont take the 'P' out of PDAs, a story of cars, houses, breakfast and PDAs (Articles/Latest)
...gow University in the computing support team providing network and system support and authoring specialised software. Jon founded the pda-edu@jiscmail.ac.uk to provide a meeting place for anyone inter …
14 November, 2005
Learning with Inspiration (Articles/Latest)
...idual level, while allowing educators to encourage classroom collaboration through a variety of educational software. Among the software available for handhelds is Inspiration®, visual learning softw …
11 November, 2005
Lightweight gadget with a Heavyweight effect (Articles/Latest)
...ough the use of computers, either using standard programs (spreadsheets, databases, etc.) or writing my own software.  Early experience of the RM 380Z, BBC, and Apple 2e machines guided me to use …
03 May, 2005
BIG CHANGE for $mall ¢hange (Articles/Latest)
...s. In those classrooms and schools where each and every child has a computer equipped with task-appropriate software, and teachers, IT staff, and administrators are adequately prepared, then increases …
03 May, 2005
Partners in Learning - Lewisham (Menu)
I was recently invited to attend the final workshop of some impressive work conducted in my home borough of Lewisham that was part of the Black Pupils Achievement Programme (BPAP). Since last Novemb …
28 May, 2008
Hot Lava Software Inc. (Web Links / Development Tools)
Hot Lava Software, Inc. is a leading provider of mobile authoring, publishing, delivery and tracking solutions. …
30 January, 2008
Hot Lava Software, Inc. (Web Links / Development Tools)
Mobile Authoring and Device Tracking toolkit …
30 January, 2008
miniMusic - Software for Palm (Web Links / Music)
Fabulous music software for Palm handhelds! …
02 November, 2006
MobileWrite Handwriting Recognition For Palm OS (Web Links / Links to Palm related sites)
Using MobileWrite, it is easy to enter text and data, in to your favorite Palm OS applications, by simply writing on the screen of your handheld, instead of using the keyboard. …
02 June, 2006
Open Source for Handhelds (Web Links / Development Tools)
Our goal is to encourage and facilitate the creation of open source software for use on handheld and wearable computers. We welcome participation and sponsorship by individuals, groups and companies s …
15 May, 2006
Pocket Lab Assistant (Web Links / Science)
Pocket Lab Assistant is a new software program for handheld and desktop computers designed to help researchers working in the area of biotechnology. …
21 April, 2006
Desktop Rover for Pocket PC (Web Links / Links to Pocket PC sites)
Desktop Rover allows you to control up to 32 computers (and now Pocket PCs) with a single computer's keyboard and mouse. …
13 April, 2006
David Beers Blog (Web Links / Blogs)
Thoughts on mobile technology, software development, and the future of computing from veteran Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Java developer David Beers …
31 March, 2006
NoviiRemote (Web Links / Links related to software for handheld devices)
Software to turn your Palm or Pocket PC device into a learning remote control for all your IR consumer devices, e.g. TV, Sat, DVD, etc …
27 March, 2006
Data Harvest Data Logging (Web Links / Science)
Sensing Science Laboratory software is appreciated by new users and experienced users alike. Launching the software from the worksheets ensures that the logger, sensors and software are all set up cor …
19 March, 2006
Memory Map - G.I.S. software (Web Links / Geography)
Pocket Navigator™ - complete moving map Pocket PC software with route planning, GPS programming, data displays and hill profiles …
18 February, 2006
Astraware (Web Links / Entertainment Software)
We have been creating games for handheld devices for over 6 years, making us one of the oldest handheld software companies in the business. …
13 February, 2006
PDF 2 PSP Software (Web Links / Links related to software for handheld devices)
PDF 2 PSP is a simple OS X tool for converting PDF documents and print outs into JPEG images suitable for displaying on the Sony PSP handheld game console. This allows you to download e-books, game ma …
20 January, 2006
MAME game emulator (Palm version) (Web Links / Entertainment Software)
Multi Arcade Machine Emulator software that allows a Palm handheld to run classic arcade machine ROMS …
09 July, 2005
PdaReach (Web Links / Links related to software for handheld devices)
...t PC devices, PdaReach allows you to project your PalmOS powered handheld on your desktop. In addition, the software allows you to control your Palm Handheld directly from your PC with the HotSync cab …
06 July, 2005
Pocket Controller (commercial software) (Web Links / Links related to software for handheld devices)
Pocket Controller allows a Windows Mobile trainer to display their handhelds screen onto the screen of their laptop while the device is syncing (and then say through the lcd projector). …
01 July, 2005
Tony Vincent's Learning In Hand (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
learninginhand.com is an educator's resource for using handhelds in schools. You'll find lists of great software applications for Palm and Pocket PC computers. …
23 June, 2005
Learning @ Hand (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
Each month the GoKnow® Handheld Specialists will present reviews of educational software for use for Palm OS®, and helpful tips for integrating handheld devices into your classroom. …
23 June, 2005
ClassInHand - Wake Forest University (Web Links / Links to Pocket PC sites)
ClassInHand(TM) is software developed by the Research and Development team in Information Systems at Wake Forest University. It turns a PocketPC equipped with a wireless card into a web server, a pres …
23 June, 2005
Power in the Palm of Your Hand (Web Links / Blogs)
...computer in support of teaching and learning. The site includes supporting Web sites, links to hardware and software sites, books, and training handouts. By Kathy Shrock …
23 June, 2005
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