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The New Apple Core (Articles/Latest)
...ll catapult it ahead of Blackberry as the optimum pocket e-mail/browser solution. businesses will start to provide managers with iPhones, replacing Blackberries and PDA's. I am told that it takes less …
11 July, 2008
Partners in Learning - Lewisham (Articles/Latest)
... student could keep their Q1’s!In describing the success of the project Tom also outlined Lewisham plan to provide every pupil in the authority with a handheld device:With that, the day came to a conc …
28 May, 2008
Back and Forward (Articles/Latest)
...d connectivity. Or even a couple of new schools. One wag (the founder of a large and successful technology provider) suggested that his company would be better standing outside handing teachers £50 no …
21 December, 2007
Handheld Learning 2007: And the Winner Is … (Articles/Latest)
...ails of these or any of the other sessions I attended; you can read about that in my blog. Instead, I will provide my general impressions of the conference as a whole. I will do so by issuing the foll …
20 November, 2007
Handheld Learning meets mLearn 2008 (Articles/Latest)
...conference workshops and the encouraging attendance at the Kaleidoscope special interest group meeting all provided strong and compelling evidence that mobile learning is fast moving from the “margins …
26 October, 2007
Handheld Learning 2007 - Preview (Articles/Latest)
...he exhibition, like the conference, is one of the largest of its kind where the leading organisations that provide products and services to the sector are to be found from device manufacturers to infr …
17 September, 2007
The Steering Committee Speaks (Articles/Latest)
...in forces,” Valerie makes the point that the event marks a sign post to a future direction “The event will provide a showcase for the direction that personal, portable technology for learners is movin …
17 September, 2007
Mobile Learning and the demise of the PDA (Articles/Latest)
... requiring complex configuration settings to get online. The mobile telco’s have a statutory obligation to provide coverage to at least 80% of the UK by 2008. After realising the limitations of the vo …
15 August, 2007
Creative Assessment with Handhelds (Articles/Latest)
...els were taken every hour, as their designing progressed. These were immediately printed on a mini printer provided an instant visual story-line of each students' developmental work. This had signific …
17 March, 2007
Handhelds in Feltham - An Evaluation (Articles/Latest)
...f Education, University of London, to undertake an independent evaluation of an experimental project which provided hand-held Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to all pupils in Y6 classes in Victoria …
17 March, 2007
Handheld Learning 2006 (Articles/Latest)
... able to discover the progress these projects have made and whether their use of mobile technologies has provided any improvements in teaching and learning. Perhaps inspired by last years event man …
04 October, 2006
Ubiquitous Computing: More than Handhelds (Articles/Latest)
... handhelds, gaming devices, iPods, cars, kitchens)……..it’s ubiquitous.As a result, these technologies also provide new and unique opportunities for teaching and learning in formal and informal learnin …
28 April, 2006
Observing Children’s Mathematical Problem Solving with 21st C Technology (Articles/Latest)
... of thinking in general (Piaget, 1987; Bruner, 1968). The new technology, Personal Data Assistants (PDAs), provides anywhere, any time access to the Internet and provides a portable tool for developin …
10 March, 2006
Mobile Technologies vs New Victorian Architecture (Articles/Latest)
...ch as WiMAX we can actually deliver the promise that so many European funded VLE projects have failed to provide, learning at the point of accessibility. Which isn’t always inside a building or a c …
10 March, 2006
Adding value through podcasting (Articles/Latest)
...for each group, it will be one week.How will students be directed through the activity?The instructor will provide information and advice on what is expected. Information will be made available on the …
03 March, 2006
Dont take the 'P' out of PDAs, a story of cars, houses, breakfast and PDAs (Articles/Latest)
...it is at odds with the nature of a PDA.For many the best use of a mobile device in the classroom may be to provide materials that are useable on any device, though not always practical, leaving aside …
14 November, 2005
A Clear view and strong signal for mLearning (Articles/Latest)
...is a need to develop more mobile capacity in teacher training institutes.High SpotsTable Mountain not only provided breathtaking views but also a strong signal for delegate’s 3G/GPRS cards. Jill Attew …
14 November, 2005
Handheld Public Services (Articles/Latest)
...e country. Nationally, the Police service employs in excess of 250,000 staff. The Fire and Rescue Services provide a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year service to all areas of the country, attending thous …
03 May, 2005
BIG CHANGE for $mall ¢hange (Articles/Latest)
...e: just as in every other venue, from accounting to scientific research, when technology is ubiquitous and provides task-appropriate support, significant productivity increases are realized. For eleme …
03 May, 2005
Partners in Learning - Lewisham (Menu)
I was recently invited to attend the final workshop of some impressive work conducted in my home borough of Lewisham that was part of the Black Pupils Achievement Programme (BPAP). Since last Novemb …
28 May, 2008
Hot Lava Software Inc. (Web Links / Development Tools)
Hot Lava Software, Inc. is a leading provider of mobile authoring, publishing, delivery and tracking solutions. …
30 January, 2008
Mobile Phone Health & Safety Issues (Web Links / Safety)
Produced by the Mobile Operators Association this site provides information regarding the health and safety risks associated with mobile phone masts and use of mobile (cellular) phone technology. …
24 April, 2007
PDAed Learning Center (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
The pdaED.com Tutorials section is intended to provide valuable information and step-by-step instructions for all PDA users, from beginner to professional. …
23 June, 2005
Power in the Palm of Your Hand (Web Links / Blogs)
This page provides educators with resources for effective use of the handheld computer in support of teaching and learning. The site includes supporting Web sites, links to hardware and software sites …
23 June, 2005
Graham Brown-Martin (Contact / Handheld Learning Ltd.)
...in, Founder and Chief Executive, Graham is the founder of Handheld Learning. Graham's job is to direct and provide vision for the organisation. It's all his fault. …
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