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The New Apple Core (Articles/Latest)
...ue to lack of new WOW factors. 3G which make's it shine for web browsing is spotty in a US mobile laggard market.Size of antenna precludes new on-line GPS mode from working as well in cars as dedicate …
11 July, 2008
It's the Learning, Stupid! (Articles/Latest)
...case let’s dust off the ZX Spectrum’s and connect them to a digital picture frame. More worrying was some marketing spin that proposed such devices were intended to “integrate them [children] into the …
01 March, 2008
Back and Forward (Articles/Latest)
...at the technology  young learners are really interested in for home access is that being created and marketed by the consumer electronics industry. Games consoles, handheld entertainment devices, …
21 December, 2007
Handheld Learning meets mLearn 2008 (Articles/Latest)
...worldwide.They have also seen rapid technological developments, a plethora of new personal devices on the market, increased accessibility and bandwidth, raised learner expectations, the explosion of s …
26 October, 2007
Mobile Learning and the demise of the PDA (Articles/Latest)
...ation to provide coverage to at least 80% of the UK by 2008. After realising the limitations of the voice market the telco’s now see the opportunity to recoup their investments via monthly data plans. …
15 August, 2007
Handheld Learning 2006 (Articles/Latest)
... in Europe each week. While some universities strive for the $100 laptop these devices are already on the market. They even made mental arithmetic fun! Can we really ignore them?Similarly, Symbian the …
04 October, 2006
Education Beyond the Classroom (Articles/Latest)
... education beyond the classroom” but reflects the fact that handhelds have yet to penetrate the education market in large volumes.  This in itself may be symptomatic of the lack of high quality e …
23 June, 2006
Origami, An Educators Perspective (Articles/Latest)
...ill consume power. There were a couple of other manufacturers. Most notably Samsung who are going to market the Q1. This did receive more centre stage on the Samsung stand but it was being market
19 March, 2006
Learning with Inspiration (Articles/Latest)
...contrast them. Clawson was pleasantly surprised at the results. “One student was comparing the 1929 stock market crash and the Titanic,” says Clawson. “His similarities: both crashed, both were dramat …
11 November, 2005
Ofcom Communications Report (Web Links / Other)
This survey is part of Ofcom's Communication Market series of reports. It examines availability, take-up and communications services across the UK, exploring how citizen and consumer interests are bei …
28 April, 2006
Isabel Fernandes (Contact / Handheld Learning Ltd.)
Isabel Fernandes, Events Sales & Marketing Manager, Isabel looks after the development, sales and marketing of the Handheld Learning Conference as well as bespoke events that we create from time to ti …
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