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Partners in Learning - Lewisham (Articles/Latest)
...s back. Myself as a parent of children who attend school in the borough I felt that this was a fantastic and important statement of Lewisham’s intent that I was very pleased to witness. My thanks agai …
28 May, 2008
Derek Robertson - Hero Innovator (Articles/Latest)
...g in the mentoring of the year 2 students:Clearly motivation, engagement, fun and collaboration were seen as important aspects of the initiative by the learners themselves as can be seen in this clip: …
23 March, 2008
Back and Forward (Articles/Latest)
...consoles, handheld entertainment devices, smart phones are outselling traditional computing devices and more importantly across nearly all social groups with almost scant regard for level of affluence …
21 December, 2007
Handheld Learning 2007 - Review (Articles/Latest)
...m to be flipped around with no name showing. 07:50 AM October 10, 2007 tonyvincent: "The most important assessment is self-assessment." -Marc Prensky 10:28 AM October 10, 2007 …
26 October, 2007
Handheld Learning meets mLearn 2008 (Articles/Latest)
...of mobile, handheld and portable learning is critical to other developments such as Personalisation and more importantly the Building Schools for the Future programme.There is no doubt that devices wi …
26 October, 2007
The Steering Committee Speaks (Articles/Latest)
... 2006 and welcomed the opportunity to participate in the planning of this one. He said “Events like this are important to keep the momentum going on promising innovations in new technology. It is key …
17 September, 2007
Handhelds in Feltham - An Evaluation (Articles/Latest)
... had to do to maintain their valuable PDA and to make sure it is kept securely. This built self-esteem.It is important to record the important and year-wide gains in general ICT confidence and experti …
17 March, 2007
Handheld Learning 2006 - Review (Articles/Latest)
...dings.  While the Handheld Learning conference had a similar format to those in America, there are some important differences that I think those in the States could learn from. First, I like that …
31 October, 2006
Ubiquitous Computing: More than Handhelds (Articles/Latest)
...Swan et al., 2006), giving learners more choices and responsibilities with regards to their own learning. An important element to keep in mind here is that mobile devices are a key component of the ov …
28 April, 2006
Observing Children’s Mathematical Problem Solving with 21st C Technology (Articles/Latest)
...ion required by a knowledge-based economy call for a work force that can interpret complex systems involving important mathematical processes — constructing, explaining, justifying, predicting, conjec …
10 March, 2006
Adding value through podcasting (Articles/Latest)
...student locating the audio file on the course webspace and then clicking on the link to receive the file. An important difference between the two models is that a podcast approach requires the student …
03 March, 2006
Dont take the 'P' out of PDAs, a story of cars, houses, breakfast and PDAs (Articles/Latest)
...it, or edit Word documents for the majority of these applications the platform (e.g. Palm or Pocket PC) is unimportant, but if you want your entire class to use a specific application or your employer …
14 November, 2005
Handheld Public Services (Articles/Latest)
... data from callers, using satellite navigation, and are better prepared when they get there. This is because important information such as local hazards and the possible presence of chemicals onsite. …
03 May, 2005
Lightweight gadget with a Heavyweight effect (Articles/Latest)
... I absolutely had to attend, for fear of being volunteered for something appalling, or of missing the (rare) important announcement or educational idea.I still see people equipped like that; their Pla …
03 May, 2005
BIG CHANGE for $mall ˘hange (Articles/Latest)
...ked, computer to use for all learning activities and for their own personal activities as well. Why is it so important that task-appropriate technology be put, literally, into the hands of each and ev …
03 May, 2005
Partners in Learning - Lewisham (Menu)
I was recently invited to attend the final workshop of some impressive work conducted in my home borough of Lewisham that was part of the Black Pupils Achievement Programme (BPAP). Since last Novemb …
28 May, 2008
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