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Home Access - Who Benefits? (Articles/Latest)
...s, all prepared in consultation with industry – albeit those who have traditionally supplied the schools and education market, eyeing up a £300m budget.  Membership of the "Taskforce" b …
28 September, 2008
Partners in Learning - Lewisham (Articles/Latest)
...gy where 160 pupils from 10 schools in the authority have been tracked through the past 3 years in secondary education leading to their GCSE's. In most schools pupils are attaining above their school …
28 May, 2008
It's the Learning, Stupid! (Articles/Latest)
...he impact of consumer electronics and entertainment software is only just beginning to be felt in the formal education world. The immersion experienced by today’s young people has already raised their …
01 March, 2008
Identity, Ownership and Mobility (Articles/Latest)
...n the net, is coming to an end however. Like smoke detectors that reduced deaths in homes it may well be the education sector, and specifically educators, that drives the move towards confirmed identi …
21 January, 2008
Back and Forward (Articles/Latest)
...eps forward not least the announcement of some serious money going into an initiative in post-16 and further education in the form of MoLeNET. £6 million has been made available to around 20 projects …
21 December, 2007
Handheld Learning 2007: And the Winner Is … (Articles/Latest)
...istant future when it comes to pedagogy and research. These are exciting times, as this area of learning and education is increasingly making its presence felt in the mainstream.I plan to be back in 2 …
20 November, 2007
Handheld Learning 2007 - Review (Articles/Latest)
...h by PowerPoint," but I have to say that this faux pas was committed much more often than in other educational technology conferences I have attended.With Twitter, blogs, and streams of the …
26 October, 2007
Handheld Learning meets mLearn 2008 (Articles/Latest)
...e explosion of social networking and a growing interest from Government and National agencies concerned with education and training about the potential mobile learning may have to assist them in their …
26 October, 2007
Handheld Learning 2007 - Preview (Articles/Latest)
...ts there are breakout sessions to suit everyone from best practice in primary, secondary, post 16 and higher education to hands-on workshops and technical sessions. Apple are running a sponsored semin …
17 September, 2007
The Steering Committee Speaks (Articles/Latest)
...normous and this event will enable us to take forward the discussion on how best to utilise these devices in education and to develop the system to maximise their potential."Tony Parkin, Head of …
17 September, 2007
From Brick to Slick (Articles/Latest)
...ook how the technology has reached into the developed and developing world and is now banging on the door of education according to members of the Handheld Learning Forum. The images of the worlds fir …
06 September, 2007
Mobile Learning and the demise of the PDA (Articles/Latest)
...ce both in and out of the building. Typically less of a problem to a business user but a major challenge for education users. A further challenge on infrastructure is the bandwidth of the connection t …
15 August, 2007
Creative Assessment with Handhelds (Articles/Latest)
...e e-scape (e-solutions for creative assessment in portfolio environments) project at TERU  (Technology Education Research Unit) Based at Goldsmiths University, the project is funded by DfES and …
17 March, 2007
Handhelds in Feltham - An Evaluation (Articles/Latest)
The Feltham City Learning Centre and Hounslow eLearning asked SENJIT of the Institute of Education, University of London, to undertake an independent evaluation of an experimental project which prov …
17 March, 2007
Handheld Learning 2006 - Review (Articles/Latest)
...m teachers. The conferences have one or two keynote presentations to set the stage for handheld computing in education. Afterwards, several breakout sessions are offered to help teachers make the most …
31 October, 2006
mLearn 2006 - Review (Articles/Latest)
... www.educause.orgOther South African contributions came from Hendrik Steyn and colleagues working in Teacher Education using digital books and cell phones and Jacqueline Batchelor on the use of wikis …
31 October, 2006
Handheld Learning 2006 (Articles/Latest)
...mart phones. These will be on show at the conference.A constant burden amongst those using technology in the education sector is that they are often forced to use systems designed for office or consum …
04 October, 2006
Handheld Learning and Individuated Achievement (Articles/Latest)
Education exists under ideological constraints.In 1960s mainland Britain, according to the doctor-writer Theodore Dalrymple (2001), “the abolition of selective public secondary schools, on the grounds …
04 October, 2006
Education Beyond the Classroom (Articles/Latest)
...have handhelds to practice at home or in the classroom.  This is somewhat against our mantra of “taking education beyond the classroom” but reflects the fact that handhelds have yet to penetrate …
23 June, 2006
Ubiquitous Computing: More than Handhelds (Articles/Latest)
...d networked, making its users more connected to the world around them and the people in it.When it comes to education, Ubiquitous access to digital technologies changes what is pedagogically possible …
28 April, 2006
What is Handheld? Does size matter? (Articles/Latest)
...is the inevitable move towards convergence.An interesting dimension to the Wireless and Mobile Technology in Education conference in Tokushima ,Japan, recently was a demonstration of wearable computer …
28 April, 2006
Origami, An Educators Perspective (Articles/Latest)
...tended market is :-Market SegmentPDA replacement, Easy to carry PC, 2nd PC for laptop extensionTargeted UsersEducation Market, Business Travelers, Note pad for StudentPrices will be around 700 euros o …
19 March, 2006
Observing Children’s Mathematical Problem Solving with 21st C Technology (Articles/Latest)
...d not only in classrooms but at home and in the wider community. The National Association of State Boards of Education in the United States, for example, says that learning must no longer be limited t …
10 March, 2006
Mobile Technologies vs New Victorian Architecture (Articles/Latest)
...hat are over 50 years old. According to the launch document “BSF will drive innovation and transformation in education: each wave of BSF will comprise projects where innovation can have greatest impac …
10 March, 2006
Adding value through podcasting (Articles/Latest)
...2005) have also discussed a similar approach of a 5 minute student centred radio-style show for us in Higher Education (http://www.csu.edu.au/division/studserv/sec/papers/chan.pdf, pg 68).Course conte …
03 March, 2006
Dont take the 'P' out of PDAs, a story of cars, houses, breakfast and PDAs (Articles/Latest)
...n of the device by the installation of applications and the content of the data stored on it.When used in an education environment the powers that be (administrators, accounts, support people), like c …
14 November, 2005
A Clear view and strong signal for mLearning (Articles/Latest)
...a and PDAs.MOOP-using mlearning in primary schools in Finland by Pasi Mattila and Timo Fordell Department of Education, Finland showed us how really young children can use mobile phones to analyse the …
14 November, 2005
Learning with Inspiration (Articles/Latest)
...y on an individual level, while allowing educators to encourage classroom collaboration through a variety of educational software. Among the software available for handhelds is Inspiration®, visual l …
11 November, 2005
Lightweight gadget with a Heavyweight effect (Articles/Latest)
...d, for fear of being volunteered for something appalling, or of missing the (rare) important announcement or educational idea.I still see people equipped like that; their PlannerDiary clutched under t …
03 May, 2005
BIG CHANGE for $mall ¢hange (Articles/Latest)
...ides task-appropriate support, significant productivity increases are realized. For elementary and secondary education, then, the only pressing question is “how do we scale up 1:1” so all children can …
03 May, 2005
About Us (Menu)
...lives of many people will also be used for powerful learning experiences both in and outside the traditional education environment.These technologies range from mobile phones to games consoles, low co …
19 June, 2008
Partners in Learning - Lewisham (Menu)
...gy where 160 pupils from 10 schools in the authority have been tracked through the past 3 years in secondary education leading to their GCSE's. In most schools pupils are attaining above their school …
28 May, 2008
TutorByTxt (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
Education SMS turning any phone into a learning tool. …
16 April, 2008
MoLeNET (Web Links / Universities)
...proach to encouraging, supporting, expanding and promoting mobile learning, primarily in the English Further Education sector, via supported shared cost mobile learning projects. …
09 July, 2007
Engage Visual arts network (Web Links / Art & Design)
Visual Arts network, aiming to facilitate education in museums and galleries. …
07 November, 2006
Education 2010 (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
Set of papers from a conference held in 1989 crystal ball gazing the future with submissions from Stephen Heppell, Jonathan Briggs, Margaret Danby, Henry Liebling and Graham Brown-Martin. …
10 September, 2006
iPod in Education (Web Links / iPod)
A site dedicated to the educational use of iPod …
07 September, 2006
Intel - Learning with Handhelds (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
In the past five years, handheld computers have begun to migrate from the corporate world to the classroom. The same features that have made them popular tools in business have made them indispensable …
17 March, 2006
Interim Wolverhampton Project Report (Web Links / Projects)
...g Project". Included are details on how the project has matured and highlighted the possibilities for future Education. …
15 March, 2006
WWW Tools for Education (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
Lots of further links for the use of handhelds in education
03 March, 2006
Equity Digital Divide Campaign (Web Links / Digital Divide)
To increase the profile and awareness of the impact that the Digital Divide is having on educational opportunities of young people. …
09 February, 2006
Podcast Hot List (Web Links / Educational Podcasting)
A community run list of podcasts feeds and discriptions relevant to the educational community. To submit your recommendation then visit http://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/ltss/podcast_hot_list …
09 February, 2006
LearningToGo (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
Lots of education related links for mobile devices Plam/PocketPC/iPod …
09 October, 2005
Microsoft Mobile Learning Solutions for Schools (Web Links / Schools)
Mobile Learning Solutions with Microsoft technologies give you the freedom to extend the education experience beyond the traditional classroom. …
21 August, 2005
Manolo project (Web Links / Research)
...tension of the GIPSY project. It investigates the added value of wireless and mobile technologies for higher education. By defining the effects of e-, w- and m-learning in different educational settin …
06 July, 2005
GIPSY project (Netherlands (Web Links / Research)
Research project investigating the use of mobile technology in higher education. Mostly in Dutch, end report is in English. …
06 July, 2005
Palm Education Pioneers (Web Links / Research)
One of the first large-scale evaluations (2001-2002) of handheld computer integration in K-12 classrooms in the U.S., coordinated by SRI International, and including individual classrooms as well as n …
06 July, 2005
Using PDA's in Higher Education (Web Links / Universities)
Mobile devices, once the preserve of the technorati and geeks, are now more ubiquitous than it might at first appear.Here's a list of resources for the use of PDA's in Universities …
23 June, 2005
Learning @ Hand (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
Each month the GoKnow® Handheld Specialists will present reviews of educational software for use for Palm OS®, and helpful tips for integrating handheld devices into your classroom. …
23 June, 2005
101 great uses for a handheld (Web Links / Schools)
This is a list to spark your imagination about different ways to use your handheld computer in education. By K12 Handhelds. …
23 June, 2005
PalmOne Education Case Studies (Web Links / Links to Palm related sites)
Case studies of handheld computers in education by PalmOne …
23 June, 2005
Handheld Education (Web Links / Links to educational resources)
Teachers and administrators share how they use handhelds to improve assessment & instruction from K-Higher Ed …
23 June, 2005
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