Conference Themes

Our key themes for this years conference were:

Building Schools for the Future – Is a School a Building?

Although this is related to the UK government scheme to redevelop schools ( it can be related to a wider global perspective of what a School or University in the future might look like and how students and teachers interact in and with it.

• The Personalised Learning Agenda

Can teaching and learning be delivered in a truly personalised way to enable each learner to reach their potential? If so it is quite possible that governments may elect to achieve this by equipping every learner with a handheld computing device or certainly that learners will want to integrate existing mobile devices within their learning. This asks profound pedagogical and implementation questions.

• 1:1 ICT Access - Evidence & Evaluation

There has been much evangelising for handheld computers to enhance learning with some very impressive presentations and lectures. Lots of "sizzle". This theme is about providing the "steak" in terms of presenting real evidence of how the use of handheld, mobile or ubiquitous computing technologies have improved or enhanced learning. We'll also be asking how this evidence might be gathered and evaluated.

• Gaming & Learning

During the past year more handheld gaming consoles such as the Leapster, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS were sold globally than handheld computers. These devices are highly powered with rich feature sets including video, wireless and Internet access. They are highly desirable amongst the young where they are often the "gadget of choice". What can we learn from this sector and can these technologies be embraced to deliver educational experiences?



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