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Fujitsu-Siemens to leave PDA market

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Author Topic: Fujitsu-Siemens to leave PDA market  (Read 1672 times)
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« on: August 15, 2007, 12:16:00 PM »

According to several news reports Fujitsu-Siemens Computers (FSC) will be another computer manufacturer to exit the PDA market instead choosing to focus its efforts on tablets and notebooks.

An article in The Register reports:


Fujitsu Siemens is to pull out of the PDA and GPS business by the end of the year to focus its mobile computing efforts on notebooks and tablets, the company admitted last week.

FS currently offers a range of handhelds under its Pocket Loox brand, the line-up divided into traditional PDAs with integrated GPS and Wi-Fi, and Blackberry-style devices with integrated phones and email-friendly micro-keyboards.

However, the range hasn't been updated since the July 2006 launch of the N100 and N110 consumer-oriented GPS PDAs.

The reason? Demand for PDAs is in decline, and FS expects smartphones to deliver all the functionality once provided solely by wireless handelds. Of course, FS' Pocket Loox T800 series is arguably just such a smartphone, but popular though it may have been, it hasn't been sufficiently successful for the company to consider retaining it as the basis for a smartphone strategy.


An article by Trusted Reviews suggests that FSC will be looking towards new technologies such as solid state discs, LED backlit displays and HSDPA connectivity in future devices to replace the PDA category in their portfolio:


Certainly however the company isn't mourning the passing of this evapourating category and plans to invest more time in its laptop business, pushing its chest out to declare: "There are many exciting new technologies waiting to be explored further and integrated into our growing portfolio of business and consumer notebooks... We see huge potential in this area with innovations like Solid State Disk, Backlit technology, energy saving, enhanced connectivity".


An FSC spokesperson, Amy Flécher, made a statement - later confirmed by Uwe Romppel, Senior Director Business Development Volume Sales - that said:


"We made our decision due to the usual examination of the portfolios. It turned out that the traditional handheld segment (PDA) shrank for years and also many other manufacturers leave this segment. While the wireless handheld market grows fast, the PDA market moves on a very low basis with small volume. The trend is that the traditional handhelds are replaced by other devices such as PNAs or Smartphones. We will not invest into these product ranges.
Handhelds and handheld devices with push E-Mail-push will remain a niche market. In the future these services will be taken over by Smartphones - which is not our business at all. We observe that other manufacturers, that offer similar devices, have to fight with difficulties.

Other reports:

The Unwired
Ars Technica - PDA sales drop by 40%

At the time of posting there have been no reports of how this decision will effect FSC's EDA series devices.

Update: Fujitsu Siemens remain committed to education market
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