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Author Topic: blackberry thingy  (Read 847 times)
Carl Faulkner
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« on: January 28, 2008, 11:15:45 PM »

hi, my first post here in a long time; hope someone can help

work are insisting  i have to have a blackberry (rather than the TyTn I i use and the TYTN II which i prefer, and which the children at my school use) as it will allow secure use of our office email and calendar

at the moment the TyTns offer both free gps and, via WiFi, free internet access

is the gps access to mapping free on a blackberry? if not how much of my data allowance will three or four days use a month of this feature take up

which blackberries offer gps and wifi?Huh?

and finaly a dual sim question...

 has anyone used a dual sim in a blackberry; this would save me carrying my own phone and the work one everywhere i go

if a dual sim is a no go is there a way to forward texts in the same way as you forward phone calls

i look forward to your help




the TyTn II's which replaced our F-S EDAs  have gone down very well indeed!

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