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1  Technology matters / Phones and PDAs / Re: Best Pocket PC device for Education? on: August 28, 2005, 05:42:18 PM
i would say that useful education really requires two things:  Wireless (prefferably bluetooth and wifi) and a recent os to be able to run the latest edu software.  I say that they need wireless because really you need the internet to be able to have the resources that kids need in a learning environment.  I would say bluetooth so that teachers can have PANs in the classroom for eoasy transfer of assignments/notes/anything during a lesson.
2  For learners and educators / Learners Lounge / High School on: August 28, 2005, 05:29:33 PM
Hey all,   I am currently a high school student in wyoming.  I use my pocket pc everyday to assist me in my learning.  I was not told to use my ppc, but rather purchased one myself, and began finding ways to use it towards my education.  I use it many ways, which are outlined in an article that I wrote for Pocket PC Magazine's July issue. 
Recently, I have become more active on forum sites such as this one because I would like to become more involved with the ppc's in education community.  I would like to learn where we are going with the many projects that I hear about and would like to become part of these projects in the near future.  Because of my status as a high school student and only a teenager, I dont have as many oppertunities to attend seminars or talks about handheld learning; although I would love to.  If anyone hears about any education seminars occuring in the midwest (united states), or knows of any way that I could become more involved with the handheld learing community, please contact me with my given e-mail address.
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