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1  Technology matters / Phones and PDAs / Searching PDA-Hardware... on: April 24, 2008, 09:42:31 AM

after some years working with PDAs at the university and at schools, I am searching for new Hardware.
We are still using in our projects FSC Loox 720. Now university and school want new hardware.

PDA-Phone shouldn't be.
WLAN, BT and Camera should be.
GPS could be.
Windows Mobile must be. :-/

Hard to find, has someone an idea? Price (Euro)?
Perhaps someone knows someone (Mail?), who is working for companies (marketing) in sector Handheld technologies.
Perhaps I can find someone who can sponsor 20-30 pieces together perhaps with BT-Keyboards.

OK, many wishes. But the most important thing is to find contact persons at the companies.
On the CEBIT it was hard to find someone for "PDA and EDUCATION".

Hope someone has some ideas ;-)

You can also contact me about www.m-learning.info

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