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1  Technology matters / Phones and PDAs / Re: Software for PDAs on: June 10, 2008, 09:02:17 AM
Hi Clive,
I am just setting up a Year 6 PDA project in Hertfordshire to run from September. We are going to be using:

SUMS Online
Big Bus
Red Halo Suite
The Windows Mobile 6 applications
Lots of eBooks. There are lots of free ebooks available (we're using .lit format) and now you can buy graded readers as eBooks from www.i-stars.co.uk. You can download a free book from there too. And with the MS Reader add-on for MS Word you (or rather the youngsters) can make their own eBooks.
Pocket Podcasts (a free podcast aggregator)

We're using Synchroneyes as well.

I've also been looking at different online services/application to see how well they work on the PDA. We've been looking at, for example, Survey Monkey (which seems to work OK,) My Studiyo (which didn't display properly on the PDA,) Making the News (a bit like a simple blog, hosted by E2BN - we were able to view and comment on postings without too much difficulty.) With so many excellent free web-based resources available it seemed like a good opportunity to expand our opportunities at no extra cost!
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