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1  For learners and educators / Learners Lounge / Learning with palms on: April 01, 2005, 08:25:21 PM

              In my class we have palmsand we enjoy them. They help you with lots of stuff. You can load internet sites on them and read the sites on your palms.  It's really convenient to sit around the room and be on the internet. We have a memo pad and it's really neat. We have a lot of things to write down in school and we use it a lot to type assignments on. We really enjoy the palms a lot and the things they do. There are KWL charts with plenty of room for six or more things for each subject. It really assists the learning process with all the things that they do. We really like using technology too. There are even learning games on the palms that teach about the stock market. There are math games that are pretty nice too. We really enjoy learning with the palms and our teacher has a lot of trust in us with the palms. We know what to do on them and we know how to take care of them too. We are very glad our teacher has trust in us. Well I better go. I have to get some work done
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