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Title: Titanic MMOG
Post by: etali on September 09, 2008, 01:25:49 PM
From http://www.multiverse.net/press/pr20080902titanic.jsp?cid=6&scid=9

HOLLYWOOD, CA (September 3, 2008) - Multiverse, a leading provider of virtual world development technology, and James Cameron, today announced Places in Time: Titanic, an educational virtual world based on the historic Titanic voyage. Places in Time: Titanic will provide the opportunity for immersive research and exploration on the ship's construction, maiden voyage, and on contemporary expeditions to study the wreck. Incorporating original digital footage, computer models, and encyclopedic data created and assembled by James Cameron, the world will be offered to the global online audience free of charge.

"I've always wanted to let people see what it was like to sail aboard Titanic, to really know the ship, the passengers, and their place in history," said Academy Award-winning director James Cameron. "With Multiverse, the technology finally exists to offer this very personal experience."

Places in Time: Titanic will launch as a new destination within the company's consumer-accessible virtual world, Multiverse Places. Once complete, the project will combine qualities of massively multiplayer online games and virtual worlds into a new form of experiential learning. Virtual explorers will have the ability to experience Titanic in real and condensed time, easily move from one event to another, and—through their own actions—affect the world around them, enriching the experience for everyone.

"We're not simply creating a place for someone to go," said James Cameron, a member of the Multiverse Advisory Board. "We're creating a journey for them to go on that will both be exciting and educational."

Development plans call for the creation of several unique instances of the virtual Titanic. "Virtual worlds are the 21st-century way to learn," said Corey Bridges, co-founder and executive producer, Multiverse. "Educational tools as we know them now will fundamentally change in the next decade. What we currently call 'gameplay' will be a significant part of a more personalized learning experience."

The Multiverse Platform is the foundation for the pioneering project because of the technology's ability to connect multiple worlds, and places in time, all through the Multiverse World Browser, the company's innovative, free, and downloadable consumer application. The company’s no-cost development toolkit has been downloaded by some 25,000 developers worldwide.

I've been following Multiverse for a while, and experimenting with their engine as a hobby.  I'm not sure if they are planning an overtly educational game here, but I've been impressed with their Multiverse Places world so far, and I think it will be interesting to see what they come up with here.