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mLearn 2006 - Review
Written by Bob Harrison on Tuesday, 31 October 2006
/mlearn2006.jpgA week after one of the most successful mobile learning conferences, Handheld Learning 2006, held in London in association with the DfES, the UK was fully represented at the 5th World Conference on Mobile Learning hosted by Athabasca University and held in Banff, Alberta, Canada where delegates from over 20 countries came together to explore and share the potential and practice of learning with mobile and portable technologies.

The conference got off to an inspiring start with a presentation from Dr Mary Lou Jepson, Chief Technical Officer, One laptop per Child Foundation (Commonly known as the $100 laptop initiative)  (0) Leave a Comment
Handheld Learning 2006
Written by Handheld Learning Team on Wednesday, 04 October 2006
/girl.jpgIt hardly feels like a year since our last conference but this one is promising to be another special one.

We enjoyed our last conference so much and the feedback from delegates was so positive that we felt that we'd already set ourselves a challenge to take this years event a bit further.

Moving from Goldsmith College to the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster has been quite a leap and we must say that it could only have been made possible with the help of our supporters and a community which continues to grow.

So much has happened since Handheld Learning 2005. Last year we were hearing about new initiatives that were just starting. This year we will be able to discover the progress these projects have made and whether their use of mobile technologies has provided any improvements in teaching and learning. Perhaps inspired by last years event many new initiatives began and this year too we will be able to learn about these projects and also share our experiences in the networking sessions during breaks and the social reception.(2) Leave a Comment
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