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Learning in the Air
Written by Elizabeth Hartnoll-Young on Saturday, 17 March 2007
/boeing_777.jpgOn New Years’ Day I had the good fortune to travel in a new Boeing 777-300ER commissioned by Singapore Airlines. The 13 hour flight from Singapore to Milan gave me plenty of time to explore the latest design and technology developments.

As I passed through business class, I couldn’t help but notice the extra wide seats, with their 15 inch personal display screens. Economy class seats, at 48 cm, are also noticeably wider than usual and have been redesigned to be a little thinner, allowing more legroom. The ‘dashboard’ here is also up to the minute, with the handset in front rather than in the arm rest, and slots for USB, computer etc, next to the screen. The reading light shines from below the screen, so is less intrusive for those passengers trying to sleep.

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Creative Assessment with Handhelds
Written by Tony Wheeler on Saturday, 17 March 2007
/e_scape_logo.gifFor the past 3 years I've been working on the e-scape (e-solutions for creative assessment in portfolio environments) project at TERU  (Technology Education Research Unit) Based at Goldsmiths University, the project is funded by DfES and QCA in association with Edexcel and AQA awarding bodies.

Despite the fact that learning activities in d&t and other areas of the curriculum are increasingly influenced by digital technology, the final presentation of work for GCSE assessment is almost entirely paper-based, relying on print-outs of any digital work. Most teachers that I meet agree that the present assessment system at GCSE for d&t is seriously flawed and often rewards the wrong students, notably the ones that meticulously follow the rules rather than break them and come up with really exciting ideas.
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