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Mike Sharples - Hero Innovator
Written by Graham Brown-Martin on Friday, 11 July 2008

mike sharplesIt's impossible to spend any length of time in the world of mobile learning without coming across Professor Mike Sharples. Some have even suggested that he is the "Godfather of Mobile Learning". Certainly he is an innovator in a league practically of his own. Where some have been satisfied with the vision thing he has also, for the past 30 years, been at the "doing" things, proving that ideas are one thing, execution is another.

Mike is currently Professor of Learning Sciences and Director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute (LSRI) at the University of Nottingham. On my visit to their extensive facilities I must confess to feeling more than a twinge of envy of those working and researching there. The focus of the Institute is to explore theories and practices of learning and to design and evaluate novel learning technologies and environments.

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